B-SILK™ PROTEIN – what is it?

By now, you have heard us say B-SILK™ PROTEIN a lot.  However, you may still be thinking, B-silk…what??? So let’s dive in and get the nitty gritty of what makes this new-to-the-skincare-world ingredient so special and why it is important to skin barrier and skin…

What causes aging and how can I stop it?

Protecting your skin barrier is important at every age, and becomes more vital as we mature.  Two factors we should all be aware of when it comes to aging and the appearance of aged skin.  1. Extrinsic Aging: Caused by external factors such as UV,…

Your Skin Barrier Is Under Attack By Pollution

Pollution and other irritating chemicals wreck havoc on your skin. Read on to learn more about pollution and how you can defend your skin.

Meet Lindsay Wray, PhD – Eighteen B’s Chief Science Officer

Lindsay Wray, a pioneer in the field of silk protein research for over a decade. Education With a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from Tufts University, Lindsay Wray worked in the world’s preeminent lab on silk materials research. She studied silk for medical applications such as…

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This Simple Regimen is Clinically Shown to Deliver Radiant Skin

The full Eighteen B collection includes an eye cream, a serum, and two moisturizers. Here's how to build a regimen that supports the skin barrier for skin that looks healthy, hydrated, and radiant.

Here’s Why You Need an Eye Cream

The thin, delicate skin around the eyes needs a little extra love. Here's why you need an eye cream, and how Eighteen B's new Defend + Nourish Eye Cream covers all your bases.

New Year’s Resolutions for Radiant Skin in 2020

Is your skincare regimen ready for a new decade? We've assembled a list of five new year's resolutions that promote healthy, radiant skin in 2020. They're so easy to follow you'll actually stick to them.

How to Get Your Skin Ready for Winter

Are you ready for the chilly days of winter? Even if you love the cozy months, winter calls for a little more self care. Here are seven ways to take better care of your skin (and your soul) during winter.

Is Your Skin Dry or Just Dehydrated? Here’s How to Tell the Difference.

Dry and dehydrated skin may sound interchangeable, but they're two different concerns. Here's the difference, how to tell if your skin is dehydrated, and how to make it glow.

Dermatologist Dr. Tyler Hollmig on Why the Skin Barrier is Key

We believe that healthy skin requires a healthy skin barrier. Dermatologist Dr. S. Tyler Hollmig believes it, too. We reached out to ask a few questions about the skin barrier and why it matters.

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