Let’s Talk Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF)

Firm + Replenish Serum is designed to replenish skin’s Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) after cleansing and exfoliating. What is NMF and why is it so important? Here’s a primer on skin’s natural moisturizer. Before we dive into the science of NMF, let’s take a closer…

Introducing the Beebe Lab

It will be beta-testing at its most beautiful...and most fun!

The Skin Microbiome: Why It’s Important to Healthy Skin

Although it may sound like an abstract concept because we can’t see it with the naked eye, the skin microbiome is an important part of your skin’s barrier and its health. Also known as the skin flora, or the microbiota, it consists of micro-organisms that…

What Causes Dry Skin?

Several factors in our daily lives can cause dry skin. Eighteen B has several solutions ... including a healthy skin barrier.

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Spring Into Summer Skincare

Here we are in May and no matter where you live, the weather is changing.  It may still be a little chilly in the mornings and evenings, but the full-on scorching Summer will be here very soon.  Just as we change our wardrobe to match…

Are you getting your “Beauty Sleep”?

With everything happening in the world today, and everything you have on your plate at home, it is fair to say that you may not be getting the rest you need to be at your best.  We have all heard that old adage about getting…

Why is Clean Beauty a “Thing”?

In this blog post we will break down what clean beauty means to us and why it is important.  We didn’t write this Lab Post alone, we enlisted the help of two experts on the topic: Meg Whitaker, PhD* a toxicology expert, and Nicole Acevedo,…

Here’s why you need our Firm + Replenish Serum

You might have noticed that feeling of your skin right after you’ve cleansed.  It is tight and squeaky clean but under a microscope you would see that your skin is now exposed and vulnerable.  This is a crucial moment for your skin but a cinch…

How to Deal With Skin Issues Caused by Stress

Right now, it is safe to say that we are stressed. Stress (and stress-eating) wreak havoc on our skin. Here are some tips for treating stressed skin.

Your Skin Barrier and Aging

Protecting your skin barrier is important at every age, and becomes more vital as we mature.

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