Meet B-SILK™ PROTEIN: our proprietary ingredient and your skin barrier’s new best friend

B- SILK™ PROTEIN is our very own proprietary ingredient, and we think it’s pretty incredible. It’s clean, it’s sustainable, and it really works. To find out how it works, we’ll need to get a little technical. Read on to nerd out! B-SILK™ PROTEIN was inspired…

Beebe Lab In Action

It was only a couple of months ago that we announced our pivot; from an up-and-coming brand to an innovation lab.  We named this new endeavor the Beebe Lab – which is short for BEta-testing Endeavors for BEauty.  This name captures our main mission to…

Introducing the Beebe Lab

It will be beta-testing at its most beautiful...and most fun!

Your Skin Barrier and Aging

Protecting your skin barrier is important at every age, and becomes more vital as we mature.

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Meet Lindsay Wray, PhD – Eighteen B’s Chief Science Officer

Lindsay Wray, a pioneer in the field of silk protein research for over a decade. Education With a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from Tufts University, Lindsay Wray worked in the world’s preeminent lab on silk materials research. She studied silk for medical applications such as…

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