What are CMRs and Endocrine Distruptors?

What we chose to put on our skin matters for our overall health. While our skin is a very good barrier, certain chemicals can still get through and impact our bodies. The chemicals to be especially wary of are termed CMRs and endocrine disruptors. Surprisingly, some chemicals suspected…

Introducing the Beebe Lab

It will be beta-testing at its most beautiful...and most fun!

Ingredient Standards at the Beebe Lab

What you put on your skin is so important for your overall health and well being, which is why the Beebe Lab only uses high quality ingredients. ——– High quality standards It is our top priority to use only clean and safe ingredients in our…

What “Clean Beauty” means at Eighteen B? 

At Eighteen B, we take our formulation philosophy and our ingredients standards very seriously because what you put on your skin is so important for your overall health and well being.   While there are lots of different definitions for Clean Beauty between various beauty brands…

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Meet Lindsay Wray, PhD – Eighteen B’s Chief Science Officer

Lindsay Wray, a pioneer in the field of silk protein research for over a decade. Education With a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from Tufts University, Lindsay Wray worked in the world’s preeminent lab on silk materials research. She studied silk for medical applications such as…

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