Introducing the Beebe Lab

It will be beta-testing at its most beautiful...and most fun!

Silk 101: Here’s Why It Makes Better Skincare

To understand why Eighteen B formulations work, you'll have to start at the beginning: with silk. Here's how we harnessed the power of silk to create b-silk™ protein, our proprietary key ingredient.

The Magic of Fermentation: How We Make B-silk™ Protein

Our b-silk™ protein is made through a patented fermentation process. The specifics are under lock and key, but here's a peek at how we make b-silk™ protein. Call us nerdy, but we think it’s pretty cool.

Why the pH of Your Skin Matters

This week, we’re taking a closer look at the acid mantle, the outermost layer of the natural skin barrier. Here's how the acid mantle affects skin's pH and why it's so important.

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Why Does Our Skin Age and What Can We Do?

We’re all familiar with the signs of aging skin (or we will be soon enough!) But what exactly is happening below the surface? Here’s a look at the biology of skin aging.

5 Silk Innovations We’re Watching

Eighteen B harnesses the power of silk to create better skincare. We aren't the only ones using silk to build better products. We've assembled a list of five silk innovations we're excited about.

Why B-silk™ Protein Belongs In Your Skincare Regimen

B-silk™ protein forms a breathable barrier that keeps nourishing ingredients in and locks environmental stressors out. In short, it helps support your natural skin barrier. Here's why that matters.

What is Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF)?

Firm + Replenish Serum is designed to replenish skin's Natural Moisturizing Factor after cleansing and exfoliating. What is NMF and why is it so important? Here's an intro to skin's natural moisturizer.

Ask our Experts: Why Does Stress Damage Skin?

Do you ever notice your skin flaring up under stress? We reached out to dermatologist Dr. Marie Jhin to learn more about how stress affects skin. Read on for a few good reasons to take that vacation.


B-silk™ protein is our first proprietary ingredient, and we think it's pretty incredible. See for yourself. Here's your primer on our not-so-secret ingredient.

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