Eighteen B Woman: Meet Taylor Walker Sinning

A while back, we sponsored an event with Hey Mama, and we’re so happy we did because it’s how we met Taylor Walker Sinning – AKA Taylor Walker Fit.  Since this fortuitous event, we have partnered with Taylor to provide our community with top-notch fitness,…

Eighteen B Woman: Shannon Sherrell

We asked our community to help us find our next Eighteen B Woman, and you certainly delivered. We're thrilled to introduce you to Shannon Sherrell, entrepreneur, nonprofit founder, and our newest Eighteen B Woman.

Eighteen B Woman: Brittany Jepsen of The House That Lars Built

We talked to Brittany Jepsen, the creative director of The House That Lars Built and our newest Eighteen B Woman, about crafting, creativity, and the joy of paying gratitude forward.

Eighteen B Woman: Katie Jane Hughes

We talked to Katie Jane Hughes, editorial and celebrity makeup artist and our newest Eighteen B Woman, about skincare, beauty, and staying authentic in a world of over-editing.

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Eighteen B Woman: Camille Becerra

We went to New York to talk to Camille Becerra, chef, entrepreneur, and writer, about how to take care of her skin from the inside-out and the outside-in. Read on to follow Camille around NYC.

Eighteen B Woman: Felicia Walker

We talked to beauty and skincare expert Felicia Walker about the science of skin, why skincare comes first, and how to get that glow with Hydrate + Restore Rich Cream. Read on to follow Felicia for a day.

Eighteen B Woman: Natasha Lee

We went to Topanga Canyon, CA to talk to travel, food & lifestyle photographer Natasha Lee about creating rituals and keeping skin radiant on the road with Hydrate + Restore Rich Cream. See the world through Natasha’s lens.

Eighteen B Woman: Wendy Euler

We went to Bozeman, Montana to talk to Wendy Euler of Goodbye Crop Top about aging, authenticity, and how she nourishes her skin with Hydrate + Restore Rich Cream. Here's a day in her boots.

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