Ask Lindsay: Why Eighteen B is Cruelty-Free

Eighteen B was certified by Leaping Bunny as a cruelty-free company in March 2019. We talked to Lindsay Wray, our Chief Science Officer, about why she cares about staying cruelty free and how we test our formulations.

Deep Dive: Revitalizing Hydrogel Moisturizer

Our Revitalizing Hydrogel Moisturizer is a refreshing gel that delivers hydrating ingredients and a punch of b-silk™ protein. Want to learn how it works? Great – we can talk about Hydrogel all day.

Deep Dive: Hydrate + Restore Rich Cream

Our Hydrate + Restore Rich Cream is packed with nurturing ingredients that restore and maintain your skin’s barrier function. How does it work? We thought you'd never ask.

Ask Lindsay: How I Fell in Love with Silk

In our first edition of Meet Lindsay, Our Chief Science Officer tells us how she fell in love with silk, the molecule that launched Eighteen B.

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