Introducing the Beebe Lab

It will be beta-testing at its most beautiful...and most fun!

Ingredient Standards at the Beebe Lab

What you put on your skin is so important for your overall health and well being, which is why the Beebe Lab only uses high quality ingredients. ——– High quality standards It is our top priority to use only clean and safe ingredients in our…

The Skin Microbiome: Why It’s Important to Healthy Skin

Although it may sound like an abstract concept because we can’t see it with the naked eye, the skin microbiome is an important part of your skin’s barrier and its health. Also known as the skin flora, or the microbiota, it consists of micro-organisms that…

The Benefits of Silk Skincare

The amazing properties of spider silk inspired Eighteen B to create B-SILK™ PROTEIN for silk skincare, the protein that is a key ingredient for Eighteen B products. You may have heard that spider silk is five times stronger than steel, but the reasons for the…

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Why is Clean Beauty a “Thing”?

In this blog post we will break down what clean beauty means to us and why it is important.  We didn’t write this Lab Post alone, we enlisted the help of two experts on the topic: Meg Whitaker, PhD* a toxicology expert, and Nicole Acevedo,…

What “Clean Beauty” means at Eighteen B? 

At Eighteen B, we take our formulation philosophy and our ingredients standards very seriously because what you put on your skin is so important for your overall health and well being.   While there are lots of different definitions for Clean Beauty between various beauty brands…

Key Ingredients In Our Skincare Aresenal Promoting Barrier Defense

Your skin’s outermost layer has a big role to play not only in your health but also for how you appear to the world [more on this here].  That’s why, when I think of skin care ingredients I think of them as my skin’s arsenal…

Microbiome, It’s A Thing!

Creating B-SILK PROTEIN and formulating skincare products was just a fraction of the journey in bringing Eighteen B to life.  Once the formulas are produced, then the testing begins to check for things like… > Does it irritate the skin? > Does it maintain the…

Your Skin Barrier Is Under Attack By Pollution

Pollution and other irritating chemicals wreck havoc on your skin. Read on to learn more about pollution and how you can defend your skin.

The Future of Materials Science

As I think about materials science, I need to take a look back on human existence. I feel a big sense of pride for how far our ingenuity has gotten us. We are not perfect but you can’t deny that we are one resourceful and…

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